Gingerlicious Enterprises LLC offers organic, all-natural beverages, and custom, plant-based snack creations too.

Our Gingerlicious Family Share Their Health Stories

The original Gingerlicious has been excellent for balancing my PH levels.

Chrissy W.

My allergies have improved and I now love the Spring Time!

George C.

Gingerlicious is delicious and so good for my for immune system. I use it as a daily detox to keep my body healthy and well during my retirement. 

Leslie S.

As a type 2 diabetic, I lost my vision in my left eye from an athletic injury. Gingerlicious reduced my Cornea swelling within 15 minutes, allowing me to distinguish colors, names, and numbers stitched on clothing. Thank you for helping me enjoy the game of football once again.

Lewis F.


Gingerlicious is a well-balanced nutritional drink beverage and meal replacement that contains natural, organic ingredients, scientifically backed to help improve nutritional absorption, invigorate the body, calm the mind, and sooth the Soul.

My wife Ginger, for whom this product is affectionately named, and I created this powerful, healthy drink tonic several years ago to help us address our increased weight gain, remove harmful cellular waste toxins, and improve our overall wellness state. After six months of consistent usage, we dropped a whopping 150 pounds together, increased our energy and stamina, boosted our immune resistance, and increased our nutrient density and absorption.

Disclaimer: We make no guarantees that you will achieve the same results. However, your commitment to your health is the best, and wisest investment you can make in yourself. Take the Gingerlicious challenge today, and feel the the life-giving transformation inside and out.

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