Gingerlicious - Hibiscus Lavender Drink

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Vibrant Life begins in the gut, and effects the health of every organ in the body.  Keeping our digestive system working properly is essential to helping improve our immune and nervous systems functioning.  Our Hibiscus Lavender Tea blend offers a vibrant, soothing, fruity, tropical flavor with a refreshing spicy kick of Ginger at the end.  This healthy blend of Ginger, Hibiscus, Matcha and other superfood herbal spices adds sufficient micro nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to the body's cells, enhancing somatic performance and  efficiency of the production of healthy cells, reinforcing the protein lining of the gut, and boosting the immune system.  The health of the hair and skin is significantly improved with the consumption of this product through its collagen and elastin production properties. Enjoy this delicious beverage either hot or cold each day.  The Hibiscus Lavender Dream Tea is a healthy drink option for all to enjoy during any season.